Chadwick Knight


1 - Honesty and integrity

It’s incumbent on an agent to conduct himself professionally and with the highest ethical standards.

2 - Loves helping people

The real estate business is really a customer service industry. The best agents love what they do because they’re helping people.

3 - Problem-solving

An expert real estate agent uses ingenuity and creativity to overcome problems. An agent must find a solution to any problem that arises.

4 - Knows the local housing market

The difference between a good agent and an expert agent is quite simply knowledge. An agent must be a resource that clients can count on for accurate and actionable information.

5 - Pays attention to details

Dozens of details go into real estate sales, and a good agent must ensure that none is overlooked.

6 - Ambition

For an agent to succeed in real estate sales, he must be highly motivated and willing to hustle for clients.